About Your Baby Can

“LearningMojo” is proud to be an exclusive partner for “Your Baby Can” for the Indian sub-continent i.e. India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. YBC is an international brand which has been revolutionizing the way kids learn since last 21 years. As on date YBC has empowered millions of young children who’ve loved to learn through this approach, and many celebrities have publicly stated that they have enjoyed success with the series. The program was developed by a renowned Infant learning expert Dr. Robert Titzer from the United States of America and since then it has received tremendous success across the world.

“Your Baby Can” mother toddler program is designed to teach language skills in a way that is similar to how infants and young children naturally explore their environments i.e. by using their senses and by interacting with people and objects. This approach is highly interactive, involves lot of fun for babies and is very communicative.

The primary goal of program is to help the parents become aware of the importance of teaching their children in the first few years of life. Whether you decide to teach your baby on your own or with our easy-to-use customized programs, we are here to answer your questions and help you along on the exciting path to early learning.