Ditching Technology

May 8, 2018

(A Toddler using mobile phone)

In this age of easy access to technology, kids have thousands of options to explore. It may be good for a short duration and while away time, question is how helpful is it for a child’s development?

With parents leading busy lives and on tight schedules, handing them phones or letting them watch some T.V is always an easier option. But how much is your child learning? Or rather what is your child learning?

We as parents can never be sure about what material our toddlers are getting exposed to. With a wide selection of content out there for children, it becomes difficult to really look into it deeper and assess what’s useful and what’s harmful.

Constant online viewing not only reduces their attention span but leaves them confused and restless. And if you dare try to snatch away this privilege, you are greeted with a high pitched howl followed by tantrums and tears.

A major concern among some experts is that such devices, could be changing children’s brains for the worse – potentially affecting their attention, motor control, language skills and eyesight, especially in under-fives, for whom so much brain development is taking place.

So as parents let’s do our best to raise them right, connect with them and take out time for other activities.

Have a Crafting day-

Involve them in simple activities like finger or vegetable painting, play around with clay and make shapes. This will not only help them identify colors but also help in developing motor skills.

Connect with Nature-

Gardening is a wonderful activity to connect with children and mother earth. Do some digging in dirt, sow a few seeds and make them responsible for taking care of a plant and help them be independent


You can read a story or sing a poem to them. Make them repeat words with actions. It can be a cozy parent-child bonding time along with developing language and phonetic skills. There’s a brilliant kit by Your Baby Can that helps develop early learning in kids

Enrol in Social Activities-

Dance classes, creative workshops and toddler programs like Your Baby Can are a great way to help your child develop better. They have a comprehensive multi-learning program that is being imparted across various Early Innings centres in Bangalore.  Many other centres are also running YBC programs for infants and toddlers. Please check with us to know more.

So parents lets carve out time, ditch the technology and help our kids turn into wonderful human beings. The future rests on their shoulders.