• What is Your Baby Can program ?Your Baby Can (mother-toddler) Program is a Language Development program, with interactive 75 minutes sessions between parent/s & baby. In India, preschool starts late at about two to three years of age and by this time the brain has gone through most of its intensive phase of development. YBC helps parents understand the needs of brain development and helps them create better environments for their child to be nurtured in.
    • What research evidence is there for these programs ?According to Edelman’s Theory of Neuronal Group Selection more elaborate brain connections form when multisensory learning occurs compared to single sensory learning (Edelman, 1987). With more elaborate connections, the person has multiple ways to remember information. In addition, the babies’ brains could develop in a more efficient manner if written, spoken, and receptive language are learned simultaneously.
    • By what age should I begin this program for my baby ?The program starts for 3 month infants, reason being your infant’s brain is born into the world with approximately 86 billion neurons; while this sounds like a lot, it is actually about half of what it will have by the end of your baby’s first year.
    • What does the YBC program offer to my child ?The program enables multi-sensory teacher-child learning and builds language skills interactively, letting children identify words visually.
  • Where do I attend the program ?We have our partner/centre network across the country. Please visit “Locate a YBC Centre” page to find your nearest centre or write to info@yourbabycan.in

Early Childhood

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