The Minds Behind

Girish Nagpal:

A true leader with more than 14 years of experience across Industries, Girish brings his penchant for efficiency into the YBC fold. He’s handled leadership positions in companies like Zee Learn, Educomp, and Repro India Ltd, and works closely with some of the most prominent group schools in India.

He’s a management graduate from MDI Gurgaon and gets his adrenaline rush through adventure and outdoor sports. Girish has represented his university cricket team at the national level and is also a Scrabble enthusiast. He loves reading books on management, biographies, and self-improvement.

Rengarajan M:

A pioneer with over 17 years of experience in the education space, Rengarajan is responsible for bringing in YBC to India to revolutionize pre-school education. He was an integral part in creating reputed brands like  Kidzee, Mt.Litera Zee School and Oi Playschool, and signed over 500 preschools and schools through his strategic vision.

He’s an alumnus of the Centre Of Executive Education in ISB Hyderabad and has worked with brands like Aptech, People Combine, and Zee Learn. he likes traveling and exploring new places, and also enjoys Carnatic classical music and appreciates good paintings.


A result driven educationalist with over 14 years of experience in the area of Counselling, Training and Content Development, Selvi has an extensive background in Educational Psychology and Early Childhood Education. She is a certified Montessori Teacher from Toronto Montessori Institute Canada and a NET qualified lecturer in Psychology and Counselling, who is proactive in exploring and developing new techniques and approaches in education. Her work with Zee Group, Indra Dhanush Project and Northern Ireland Public Library showcases her expertise in the education space.


With over 10 years of experience in the education industry, Alifiya has been responsible for the academic training of teachers for 40 schools in Karnataka. She is passionate about providing early childhood care and education and has conducted teacher training in groups of 200 and numerous workshops along with the development of content. Her creative approach to problem-solving, good intrapersonal skills, dedication and proactiveness is recognizable through her work with Eurokids and Planet Kids Chain of Preschools.

Dr. Robert Titzer:

The creator of YBC, Dr. Robert Titzer is a highly acclaimed infant learning expert with a grand vision of cultivating young minds across the globe. With a PhD in Human Performance, he’s changing the way societies view early literacy and has routinely been published in scientific journals, including Psychological Review. He’s single handedly responsible for making YBC a global phenomenon, with widespread reach in places like Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Korea,Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Taiwan, UAE and the Cayman Islands.


Early Childhood

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