Programs Offered

Children use their heightened senses viz.,touch, hear, see, smell, taste and move things to understand them better.
Your Baby Can (Parent-Baby) Program is a Language Development program, with interactive 75 minutes sessions between parent/s & baby. The YBC interactions are filled with carefully designed activities that nurture and build motor abilities, language, socio-emotional skills and cognitive skills in growing babies and toddlers.

This is done through a 3-part program.

Learning Model Wheel


Designed for infants and toddlers, YBCL is perfect for babies between 3 months to 3 years of age.

The program enables multi-sensory teacher-child learning and builds language skills interactively, letting children identify words visually.



A follow-up program of YBCL, this stage introduces phonics by highlighting parts of words within whole words. Ideal for children who can read at least 50 words, YBCR enables faster reading and quicker cognition and thinking.



This advanced program introduces kids upto 96 colors, shapes & geometry, math, logical patterns, prepositions, and even music and pitch. It employs a similar interactive and multi-sensory approach for active participation and faster learning.


Timings and Sessions

Every Session will be 75 mins
Your Baby Can Mentor will lead the session
Mentor will be trained by our early childhood experts

For details on the sessions and timings in your location write to