Reading – A Worthwhile Investment Of Time And Effort!

April 23, 2018

“Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body”

Joseph Addison, English essayist, poet, playwright & politician

In the days of yore, reading as a hobby or interest was second nature to a host of people. Whether it was your daily dose of news or the plethora of books on varied subjects , reading was as vital as eating , drinking and other tasks that have to be performed on a daily basis to live and live happily . As a child most of us have fond memories of  grandfathers so immersed in the reams of the newspaper , every morning. A lot of time and money was required to get new books all the way from book stores in the towns and cities we all lived. Internet was never an option and e commerce was fiction itself.

A lot of us have grown up loving books. For some, books were indeed an addiction. Discussions in the school bus revolved around books and ensured that the journey to school wasn’t tedious. Or exchanging books with friends during vacations to keep ourselves busy.

Is Reading becoming a dying vocation ?

Nowadays a lot of us get concerned to see children discussing their favourite cartoon character, not to mention flaunting merchandise sold by cartoon companies to lure young minds . X box and X Men have replaced Hardy Boys or Famous Five. Drawing room conversations have also got restricted to screaming in your face news and movies. Obscenely expensive books and toys adorn the children’s rooms which we wouldn’t imagine having those days. Of course these are perils of development one can’t really avoid.

Thanks to the internet and 24 hr television channels ,deluge of information gets loaded on to you and sadly reading has taken a backseat. People say ,” where is the time” ? “I come back from work and just crash”.

The presence of public libraries in olden days and even books on vans kindled our love for reading. Reading books was clearly the most inexpensive hobby where one could borrow books for as less as 50 paise to 2 Rs for a week.

Reading is the most inexpensive hobby that you can cultivate. 

  • You transcend boundaries and are transported in to a different world every time you read a book. You see so many places, and live a million lives as the characters of the story unfold.
  • Knowledge sharing and experiences become the key to reading a book. As in, you learn from others lives be it fiction or non fiction
  • It fosters imagination and creativity . Studies reveal that reading is great for your brain health, and makes you an imaginative person. You’ll never have a dearth of ideas if you’re a voracious reader.
  • A better understanding of people and place is one of the many strengths of reading
  • Reading is the best companion when you are travelling. It makes the journey much easier and better. While doing your daily chores one may not be not able to devote time . So you can indulge in your passion while exploring new places
  • Reading is extremely rejuvenating for your health, Studies show that reading before sleeping relaxes you and aids good sleep
  • Before the onslaught of Internet , Books were and still is the storehouse of limitless information . Google just cannot replace it. On the contrary , Google enlists papers and research work which are found in the books. But yes one can say Reading up on the internet has made it even more inexpensive

How Reading benefits children

Research has proved that fostering early learning habits in children have great benefits that can be witnessed lifelong. It shapes their personality and instils greater confidence into them. The first ‘1000 days of a Child’s life are very critical to their learning and growth as the brain development is the highest during this time .

Tips to teach early learning:

What are the benefits of reading to your child

  • Improves memory and concentration skills. It increases their power of visualization and motor development
  • They can become great conversationalists and stir up an interesting conversation anywhere
  • The vocabulary expands manifold. Children are able to crack the most difficult spellings at a very young age.
  • It kindles their curiosity and ask a lot of questions while reading a story which is good for them
  • It is also a great way to spend time with your child
  • A child develops a better understanding of the real and make believe

So parents go ahead and ensure that your child cultivates the habit of reading daily . It will help your baby in understanding of sounds , words, letters and value of books. ‘Your Baby Can’, facilitates early reading in children, in fact as early as 3 months. It is one of the best gifts you can give your child.