Summer Vacation Dilemma!!

April 10, 2018

It is that time of the year again when the sun comes calling and scorching heat begins to affect us in many ways. It is also that time of the year when vacations begin and it becomes a challenge for mothers to keep them indoors. Not only they have to prevent them from going out in the heat: but also engage them and keep them busy throughout the two months

Vacations usually imply that studies take a backseat and a routine timetable is not followed as we as parents also need a break from the monotony . Most kids do look forward to summertime . However it usually isn’t far into the season before the mothers start hearing those dreaded three words,” Mom I am bored” and may perhaps get destructive or will try to go out and play in the sun . Most kids need a little prompting to help them enjoy their summer experience through positive engagement and result oriented work.

Here are a few ways to get your kids focussed and having fun indoors


All year long, kids follow our instructions where to go, what to do , what to eat at nearly all hours of the day . They wake up, eat & sleep on a strict timetable. While it is not recommended throwing the schedule completely out of gear , it is best to allow kids to explore on their own and set their own boundaries. One can do this by establishing some regimen and the required time to choose their activities. Dont forget to to include some free time for your kids to make independent choices.

Limiting Screen Time

Most kids love the freedom granted to them during the summer months and use the time to their benefit- but a lot of kids disengage themselves through mobile games and television programmes. If this occurs, try limiting their screen time to say not more than an hour a day . Also keep a vigilant watch on the content they are being exposed to. Try to see that the programmes offer some learning along with entertainment

Giving them Indoor Responsibility

Children enjoy taking responsibility and find pleasure in the most mundane household chores . So why not involve them with sweeping , dusting, tidying , making bed, preparing dough, plucking greens , washing their clothes and more. Let them help you in cleaning the house and putting things to order. Ask them to take out the toys that they no longer use and tell them to donate to the poor and needy . This will not only teach them social skills and charity ,but also teach them the advantage of decluttering and organizing themselves.

Creative Activities

Summers provide plenty of opportunity to explore their creative side and may include any of the following forms :-


  • Painting, Art and Craft work , Scrapbooking; Encourage the little ones to keep a Summer Diary or scrapbook. They can take photos of special days , animals, birds or anything that excites them. It will become a lovely memory book for them in the future — and also keep them busy for hours, Other activities include jewellery making, papier mache craft , sketching etc


  • Music- . Get your kids to sing and dance along with some musical instruments . This should be however age appropriate .
  • Water Activities – Summers is the best time to engage in water exercises like Swimming, aqua sports ,etc. However make sure that children do not go out for these activities when the sun is scorching, as it could easily lead to heat strokes and sunburns
  • Organizing Family Trips– Family Trips are a healthy way of spending quality time with each other and also becomes a learning experience for the chikdren who love to explore new places.
  • Enroll Your Child for Summer Camps

Children have a different and unique experience in summer camps and will learn to manage many things independently. Now a days even thematic summer camps are being organized like the French themed Summer Camp being organized by Your Baby Can Centres in Bangalore. However parents should ensure appropriate safety and security arrangements are in place and the child is more than willing to go

Verbal – Verbal Activities include story telling workshops, Learning about emotions, Chronicling event.

Keep them Learning

Children loose touch with instructions in these two months and it takes almost a month for parents and teachers to bring the children back to routine. One of the best ways to keep their mind active is the habit of Reading. It is imperative that parents spend atleast one hour of Reading aloud to their children. Not only does it correct the summer slide phenomenon but also greatly enhances their comprehension skills from a very young age. One of the programmes that encourages Reading is the Your Baby Can programme which is a treasure trove of tools meant to encourage reading. According to Your Baby Can the first 1000 days of a childs life are the most crucial to develop reading habits as the brain growth is the fastest during that period . You can buy or subscribe to these kits and you will be amazed at how the child picks up the words

Feedback is very important

Along with independence, responsibility creativity, and knowledge, kids crave someone who will listen. It may seem like a no-brainer, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we as parents often fail to truly give our kids our undivided attention. We often “listen” to them while checking emails and messages, making dinner, etc. So talk to your kids about their summer. Make time in your hectic schedule to sit down with your kids and listen to their wants and needs.