This is how I took my Preschool to the Next Level

March 29, 2019



“It takes a big heart to shape little minds”….Anonymous

Today we chat with one such person with a Big heart and a generous smile. A passionate educator, an innovative planner and a competent leader:  Ms. Thane Mozhi , Center Head, Planet Kids Preschool, Koramangala, Bengaluru.




When did your journey with Early education start & since how long is this center been running?

My relationship with education field started in 2004 but my journey in Early education started from December 2017. This center in Koramangala, Bengaluru has been running for last 5years.

What inspired the management to take interest in early child education and launch this pre-school ?

Our management has a very keen interest in nurturing the children at the right age. They are passionate about Early Childhood education and Development and were actively exploring such projects.

How has the experience been working with young kids in your preschool?

It is an enjoyable experience because working with young kids always make us also feel young and energetic. Every day is a new learning to understand each and every child and making them comfortable to settle, it is also a responsible job as we needed to go to their level of learning and provide them knowledge which is needed for their growth, It’s a very challenging profession.

Why do you feel it’s important to inculcate early-learning in children right from the infant stage?

The researchers in the field of early education have shown that the brain development is at its peak during first few years and goes on till 5 years. A stimulating environment will enhance the overall development of the child.  Early education sets a strong foundation which enables them to face the formal schooling and their life with a pleasure and not with pressure.

You have included some new Language program as part of your curriculum, Can you share some details about it and what made you chose it?

This program is called Your Baby Can (YBC) which is a unique program focusing on early literacy & reading skills. They follow such a fresh research backed approach towards reading and ensure children start reading at a very early age and thus making the child independent. We were little apprehensive initially but after seeing their history, successful case studies and the team, we were quite convinced. It’s been less that an year and we have seen remarkable improvements in our children’s reading abilities. Even the parents are amazed to see such drastic improvements.


How is YBC different from other programs in your school or available outside?

YBC comes from Infant Learning Company USA and was developed by a globally renowned Early Education Scientist Dr. Titzer. It follows very strong scientific principles of learning which are very easy to execute by teachers and parents. Our school is the exclusive partner for YBC in Koramangala area and we run this program for our own students, as an After school Program and also as a Mother Toddler Program in Bangalore. Now we get students even from far off places just to attend YBC Program. This has added big time to our revenues as we use the same In far and resources to conduct these additional programs.

The unique interactive lesson plans enhance the process of reading. YBC unlike other programs does not emphasize on making kids learn things in an abstract way but uses Multi Sensorial activities and Shape Bias concept during the early stages when their brain is growing.

What changes do you see in children after being introduced to YBC?

Your Baby Can through its unique Shape Bias concept helps the kids read the words within few months, soon they learn to comprehend sentences and ultimately become independent readers.

Almost all students do well after joining these classes. And there have been miracles with few children. I have seen a child Vinuba in playgroup who took up these classes, and pretty soon she was able to understand & communicate at a much higher level.

Yajas aged 3yrs joined us in the month of November and is reading more than 70 to 80 words already. Even his parents were so awestruck seeing this drastic growth. And the list goes on and on.


How have the parents reacted to the Your Baby Can(YBC) program?

To be frank, It has not been an easy task initially. When we introduced this new program, there was resistance from the parents. It is an impossible task to make children read at such young age was the general feeling and few felt it would put kids under undue pressure.  But our management & academic team was convinced so we persisted. Now, when the same parents see our children having so much fun while reading and noticing most kids doing so well are quite happy and thankful. But even now we get such apprehensions specially from new admissions but we as a school know what is best for our children and are happy to handle such concerns.

Your suggestion for parents of young kids.

I would suggest our parent to understand the importance of early education as early as possible and make the future of the kids better. 75% of a child’s brain develops by age 2 so this is the Golden phase of brain development and learning for any child. Talk to babies as much as possible, use multi sensorial stimulation and different aids to keep the baby engaged as he/she’s going through a special time which will never return. Leverage on this unique Window of Opportunity which each single child is gifted with.


YBC Experience Shared by,

Mrs. Thane Mozhi,
Center Head,
Planet Kids – Koramangala,